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Mission & Values


To make the world a better place through discovery and development of advanced technologies.


Integrity - Honor God in all that we do.  We are dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards in every task we do. We are committed to treating our customers, employees, vendors, and partners as we would want to be treated.

Innovation - We ask ourselves questions such as; “why not?” and “how will we?” in order to think outside the box and create solutions to satisfy customer requirements. We continually seek new ideas to advance technology. We believe that providing advanced solutions enables our customers to achieve a critical advantage as they execute their strategic plan. To promote innovation, we have dedicated ourselves to continual learning.

Quality - We are committed to providing solutions that exhibit excellence. We believe that our methodology enables continuous improvement to the solutions we deliver and is critical to supporting a reputation for delivering exceptional quality.

Customer Focus - We constantly strive for customer approval. We believe that this is obtained when bringing together a high caliber team and by responding to our customers as they communicate their strategy and the issues they are up against. Our success depends on our customers’ success.
Excellence & Teamwork - We support a work environment that fosters excellence, rewards performance, and builds cooperation. Our organization supports the talented and capable people at IMR by maintaining a culture that enables the communication of ideas, growth of individuals and synergy of the team.